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Dry Herb Vaporizers Could Be the Undoing of the E-Cigarette Industry!

Jeff Spicoli
At least every other day, I receive an Email from some company that is trying to get me to add dry herb vaporizers to my e-cig store. Frankly, I just don't get it. We have been fighting every government agency in existence, telling them that we are not a tobacco product. How in the world does introducing a product that can vaporize actual tobacco help us toward that end?

Of course, I'd have to be pretty naive to think that they are really marketing these things to people who want to put tobacco in their "pipe" and vape it. I've had enough inquiries like "do you have pot flavored liquid?" and just as many asking "do you know of a way that I can smoke weed with this?" to realize that it's the "herb" in "dry herb" that is the attractive word in this product's name.

Heck, I've even been tempted to put weed flavored e-juice on my website and have ordered a few samples. The e-juice industry has done such a piss-poor job of emulating a good tobacco cigarette flavor (an oxymoron if I've ever heard one), that I was skeptical that they could come close to good ole' Mary Jane.

Since I am not a user of wacky tobacky, when the samples came in, I sent them off to an associate that has expertise in such matters (for medicinal purposes only, I'm sure). The best one, he says, tasted like (and I quote) "the skunk weed you used to have to buy when everyone was out of decent herb. The shit nowadays is way better than this crap!" (Rather eloquently put, don't you think?)

In the end, though, I decided against adding Weed Juice to my website for three reasons:
  1. The bottles are labeled "cannabis." I've got enough worries with my bulk shipments being hung up in customs. I can't imagine what would happen to my whole shipment of e-cig supplies and juices if the customs inspector happened to open up a box that had bottles labeled "cannabis." Sure I could order a ton of it and have them labeled differently, but it's not exactly a prudent business decision, ordering a ton of stock of something you aren't sure will sell super well - especially considering e-juice expires.

  2. It might cause some straight arrow customers to abort my website, feeling they could not support a business that sold such a product.

  3. It is not good for the image of the industry.
It is that last point which is the most important one. Don't we have enough problems right now? We have government agencies all over the planet making unsubstantiated claims about e-cigarettes being a "gateway device" to real cigarettes. Do we really want them throwing "and you can even buy marijuana flavors" into the mix? "It's a gateway to smoking pot" can't be far behind!

Decision made - fear of seizure, the anti-weed morality movement and the greater good for the industry wins out over a few extra bucks. So, I'm now faced with another fork in the road. Do I try to make a few extra bucks by adding dry herb vaporizers to the website?

There certainly are no stuidies at all done on this product. If the FDA is having problems with microscopic levels of tobacco specific nitrosamines in e-liquid, I imagine they might have a slightly bigger problem with the tobacco specific nitrosamines in tobacco!

And as far as other "herbs" go, frankly, I'm not even sure how the websites that are selling dry herb vaporizers are getting away with it. Most payment processors won't let you sell paraphernalia. Sure, there are some high-risk payment processors out there that will let you sell weed ware, but they have high (no pun intended) processing fees, too. Methinks most of the companies that have added dry herb vaporizers to their websites have not informed their current payment processor of the new addition to their lineup. (Sounds like a great way of taking your competition down for awhile - bust them with their payment processor!)

Really, this is a far easier decision to make. The fact that they can be used with actual tobacco and, worse (as far as government perception goes), marijuana, it's a no-brainer about whether or not to add dry herb vaporizers to one of my electronic cigarette websites. Remember folks; even though individual states may have legalized the sale of marijuana, it is still felony as far as the fed is concerned.

Those two two reasons are enough. It's guilt by association. We need to put our products next to bunnies and kittens, not rolling papers and leaves (tobacco or otherwise). If too many e-cig websites start carrying these things, it could take the entire electronic cigarette industry down. If you want to sell them, put them on their own website. We don't need a new problem!

E-Cig Express Quote of the Day: "Hope had become despair, protestors had become terrorists, love had become sex, music had become noise, and us had become me." - Susan R. Sloan, Guilt by Association

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2 thoughts on “Dry Herb Vaporizers Could Be the Undoing of the E-Cigarette Industry!

  1. Are they not safe in vaping??

  2. There is still more than enough skepticism about the safety of vaping e-liquid which is, in part, extracted from a tobacco leaf. My gut reaction here is that herb vaporizers are considerably less safe than that, but what do I know? I'm no scientist!

    Whether they are as safe or not is hardly the point. Anti-ecig zealots are already spreading the word that people are using e-cigs to do drugs. Do we really want to make it that much easier and start marketing devices that you can throw weed directly into? I don't think so!

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