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eVo E-Juice Review - Apple Cinnamon, Berry Blast, Grape Vape, Cantaloupia, Banana Blitz

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As promised, I have sampled several eVo E-juice flavors and am providing a very brief review of them. In no particular order, here are the flavors I sampled today and my sparse thoughts on each (really, how much can you write about a flavor?).

Apple Cinnamon - Apple Cinnamon was the first flavor that I sampled in the eVo juice line. One whiff and I pretty much new what to expect. This sucker is sweet (and by sweet I mean the flavor, not the lingo used by so many to mean it is "the bomb"). It is very similar to the Cinnabun flavor several places make. If you like sugary goodness, Apple Cinnamon will do you fine. Personally, this is what I call a "dessert vape." It's good for a tasty treat for a few drags but if I had to use it as an all day vape, I think my brain might die from sugar overload!

Berry Blast - When I saw the label, I was anticipating a Tutti Fruity or Fruit Punch flavor. I was surprised by how much deeper the flavor was, though. Berry Blast seemed to be dominated by two berries - Grape and Blueberry, with Blueberry slightly more dominant than the Grape. If there are other flavors in there, I couldn't detect them. All in all, this is a very good flavor and I would definitely consider it for an all day vape. Tasty, fruity and a bit more interesting than just plain Grape or Blueberry!

Grape Vape - By now, I think most people who are into trying different flavors have tried a grape e-juice flavor or two. We think we have an excellent grape e-juice on our website already but this one is also very good and different than the one we carry. The FeelLife Bioscience one that we carry is more like a grape lollipop whereas eVo's Grape Vape is more like a Welch's grape soda (and yes, there's definitely a difference between those two flavors). Really quite tasty and certainly every bit as good as the one we have been carrying for years!

Cantaloupia - Admittedly, this one scared me a bit. I'm not big on real melons as it is and cantaloupe is probably my least favorite melon of all! Cantaloupia is definitely melon flavored - not quite cantaloupe (thank goodness) but not honeydew, either. Maybe something in between the two. This was a pretty darned good vape, though. Probably not something I would choose for myself but I can definitely see the "melon crowd" favoring this flavor!

Banana Blitz - I wasn't expecting much from this flavor. I have tried numerous banana flavors before and they all have been very thin on flavor. This one did have a more robust flavor but it still isn't what I would describe as "Banana." I don't really know how to describe the flavor, though. It was tasty enough - certainly not bad.  It's something that in my imagination would be a fruit that is some sort of distant cousin to the banana. If I didn''t have one of my favorites, I could vape this all day and not have a problem other than my brain being confused because it could not associate the flavor with anything the old taste buds had ever experienced before!

That's it for this round, I promised four flavors but forgot they sent me that big bottle of Apple Cinnamon. It's funny; that's probably the only one of the five that I wouldn't eventually finish off a 30ml bottle of. Seriously, if I had to vape that all day, I'd probably end up being sweeter to people and that just will not do!

E-Cig Express Quote of the Day: "Sometimes I'm so sweet even I can't stand it." - Julie Andrews

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